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      All pets of the St. Louis Chapter of Love on a Leash are registered as therapy pets through our national organization, the Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy, based in Oceanside, CA. There are chapters in 15 states, with over 500 volunteers. All pets are insured for their work during their volunteer visits at facilities.

With the right temperament and special training, many animals, purebred or mixed, can become a part of a special organization like Love on a ^ Leash. Our current group contains dogs of every shape and size, cats, and even a bird! Completion of a basic obedience course and completion of the Canine Good citizen Test are the prerequisites for dogs for the Love on A Leash screening, training, and evaluation process. All of the pets must be at least one year old. Training classes consist of 7 consecutive weekly 2 hour sessions with your pet, a day long class for the handler only, and two final testing sessions, one in the classroom format, and one in a visitation setting.

If you are wondering if your pet might be suitable, you might ask yourself these questions: "Does my pet appear to enjoy meeting lots of people?; Does he/she show any signs of shyness, reluctance, or excessive stress?"; "Is she/ he able to function well in the presence of other animals?"; "Am I able to maintain control of my pet?" "Is my pet even tempered, good natured, and tolerate being handled by a wide variety of people?"

A unique characteristic of our chapter is our commitment to and focus on group involvement. Members are expected to participate in ongoing training with their pet, either through regular obedience classes or participation in chapter practice sessions. The St. Louis Chapter meets twice a month for practice and ongoing training of skills, on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 7pm. Quarterly business meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of the month in March, June, and September. All members are expected to participate in at least two visits per month, and to attend group practices and meetings on a regular basis.

For more information on our background, or to request a list of local references, Please Contact Us!

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